you want to do a PhD?

Posted: June 28, 2016 in Blatantly Patronizing

yes, ok, I know, you’re from the new generation, you like infographics. Or you’re simply plain lazy and you can’t read a whole page (let alone several posts) even though it’s about your carrier, your future, and probably the most important thing in your life: your future PhD Thesis. But who am I to judge, I’m lazy too. Unable to make the effort to do that much-needed infographics.

And now, thanks to my colleague and friend Fernando Mateos-González (his blog is here), who is both clever and hard-working (and good at this kind of things), most of the tips I’ve given in my posts are gathered in a flashy and powerful infographics, that you can see below.

Enjoy. Perhaps not all in one go, read only half and keep the rest for another day, we don’t want to exhaust you…

Y si hablas español, pero no inglés, aquí puedes leer la versión en español (¡aunque deberías aprender inglés rápido, si quieres hacer un doctorado!)

  1. Salomé says:

    I went through a bit of the blog and loved it! I hope you post again soon, the way you write is very humorous and enjoyable to read.

    PS. It should be “career” not “carrier”. Someone’s carrier is their cellphone service provider- both are important but not quite equally so! 🙂


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