Ok, my posts are too long, I realise that. And you’ve seen nothing: I’m trying hard to be concise. Well, anyway, that was the message of the day: see how painful it can be when you don’t manage to cut short? It’s the same for your manuscripts: they are too long. Always. Learn to be concise, or you’ll end up like me, with people laughing at you, throwing you stones and rotten cabbage. Be short. Like Tyrion Lanister and like this post.



  1. Elsa says:

    learn to be concise… and forget about it for the next posts 🙂 🙂 or just enjoy this concise post cause it will be the only one 🙂


  2. belin says:

    i was just reading your articles and thinking ” he really should be more concise” and then i came across your blog… faute avouée à moitié pardonnée 😉


  3. Eric says:

    Geat blog! (my concise comment)


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